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  • Beach Installation​

Commercial Pond & Residential Lakefront Services. Keep your pond or lakefront looking it's best! Seasonal care options available.

CHEMICAL FREE Emergent & Floating Weed Removal and Management Plans.
CHEMICAL FREE Mosquito Control

  • Fish & Wildlife Introduction
  • Aeration
  • Storm Water Management
  • Bank Shaping & Erosion Control

 Individual Homeowners

  • Spot Treatment for Beaches & Shorelines
  • Entire Ponds and Pond Gardens
  • High-Flow Areas such as Canals & Beaches
  • Beach Sand & Bank Shaping

Natural Bacteria Treatment Plans 

  • Restore access to docks and swimming areas
  • Increase areas for recreational use
  • Reduce obnoxious smells
  • Improve water clarity
  • Improves beach & shoreline access
  • Optimize usable habitat
  • Digests Muck and suspended nutrients 

Stage 1

Organic matter begins to collect; however, nutrient levels are still low and there is minimal weed and algae growth.

Lake & Pond Life Cycles

Lake & Pond Muck:

Organisms such as grass clippings, leaves, and other sediments accumulate at the lake bottom creating a layer of nutrient rich muck. Rain & storm water runoff, excessive chemical use, and high fish loads are also leading causes for most ponds and lakes to accumulate high bottom sediment and nutrient suspension that can reduce water clarity & produce obnoxious odors.

"Invasive Aquatic Species Management, Control, & Eradication"

Sediment & Muck Removal

​Restore the natural beauty of your lakefront or pond!
 Increase areas for recreational use - restore access around docks and beaches - reduce smells from algae - dramatically reduce Muck and floating sediment. ​​

The key to sustaining any healthy pond or shoreline is prevention. Fall aquatic and shoreline weed removal is essential to reduce the amount of muck creating nutrients released into your pond or lake. Once the snow and ice of the winter months consume the water surface, most weeds die off releasing nutrients that fuel future weed growth, obnoxious odors, & assist in the creation of undesirable muck loads. Upon Springs arrival, road salt and other nutrient rich runoff filters into the watershed also encouraging weed, muck, & odor invasion. Our individually catered Muck Reduction and seasonal Weed Removal plans ensure your enjoyment of your pond or lakefront property! Please contact us at phragmitescontrol@gmail.com or (248)379-5351 for more information or to schedule an on-site evaluation!

Seasonal Weed Removal - Muck Reduction Plans


Lake & Home Associations

  • Beaches & Shoreline
  • Parks and Retention Ponds
  • Entire Ponds and Lakes
  • Boat Launches & Swimming Areas
  • Seasonal Shoreline Maintenance 


Doesn't rely on oxygen & primarily digests organics; inducing Muck development & obnoxious odors.

Stage 2

Excessive algae and plant growth, emergent & floating weeds takeover shoreline, sediment and nutrients accumulate on lake bottom, and water clarity is reduced

Natural Bacteria Treatment Plans:

We provide proactive seasonal bacteria & aeration pond management solutions designed to dramatically reduce muck accumulation, fish kills, heavy weed growth, algae blooms, and obnoxious odors. Our cycle based strategy programs are individually catered to create a cost effective way to establish working ecosystems & increase recreational access to your Pond or Lakefront property.

Great Lakes Phragmites Control


Diesel Trash Pump Suction Harvesting

  • Sediment & Trash Removal

Aquasweep Muck & Silt Eliminator

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​Bank Shaping/Erosion Control

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 Lakefront Supply​​


Oxygen requiring bacteria that consumes suspended organics and digests muck into odorless gas.

2 Types of Natural Bacteria

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