Natural Bacteria & Mosquito Plans:
We provide proactive seasonal bacteria & aeration pond management solutions designed to dramatically reduce muck accumulation, fish kills, heavy weed growth, algae blooms, mosquitos and obnoxious odors. Our cycle based strategy programs are individually catered to create a cost effective way to establish working ecosystems & increase recreational access to your Pond or Lakefront property.

Water Hyacinth

Non-native, free floating perennial plant with a large and fibrous root systems that can grow up to 3' above the water's surface. Flowers are light blue or violet in color with elliptical shaped leaf structures


A small free-floating fern producing a single root that protrudes from each stem and is often found mixed with watermeal or duckweed


Consisting of a distinctly jointed stem with creeping or erect rootstocks that can be either emerged or submerged with a white or pink flower being displayed above the surface. Leaves are alternate and usually linear.

Shoreline Grass

Typically thriving under conditions of shifting sand, sandy banks, and high winds. Leaves and seed heads can very in length and width ranging in height from 3-7'

Purple Loosestrife

A dense bushy herb which produces purple flowers that bloom from July to late September. It has a large, woody taproot that forms dense mats by producing fibrous rhizomes. Stems, which range from purple to green, die back each year

Water Primrose

A shoreline perennial that forms long runners that venture across the water surface or moist soils. Depending on species, leaves can been green or reddish with single yellow flower containing 4-5 petals


Dark green stemmed grass-like perennials that thrive in shallow water or moist soils. Reaching upwards of 10' tall with no obvious leaves and seed clusters developing at the tip of the stem

Alligator Weed​​

A hollow stemmed perennial that forms dense strands along shorelines, consisting of small white flowers that resemble a white clover

Certified & Trained Inspectors document, analyze, & evaluate lake and storm water information to develop a customized treatment plan for your lakefront property or pond.

Restore the natural beauty of your lakefront or pond!

Increase areas for recreational use - restore access around docks and beaches - reduce smells from algae - dramatically reduce Muck and floating sediment. 

Algae is a common nuisance within pond and lake ecosystems, often floating on the water's surface in mats with no defined root structure. Algae are primitive plants that exhibit no true leaves or stems & grows in abundance. It is easily observed changing the water color, covering the surface water, or by it's musky smell.


Generaly found in shallow water, floating weeds have a stem & root structure that may start at the bottom with foliage seen floating on the waters surface. If left untreated, floating weeds can quickly cover an entire pond or lakefront - Cutting off light and oxygen to the ecosystem below. 

Floating Weeds

Emergent Weeds

Emergents are soft stem root structures mostly submerged underwater. Aggressive growth can block lake or pond access, block shoreline beaches, and migrate into once clear waters. New infestations of emergent plants like Phragmites can eliminate vital shallow areas used by fish for breeding and limit access to recreational activities. Emergents also trap debris such as grass clippings and lawn debris. As this organic sediment builds, it creates shallower conditions for emergent weeds to further encroach - Accelerating the transition from open water to a dominant emergent weed pond or shoreline.


Rapidly spreading, partially submerged perennial consisting of a dark brown, cigar-shaped flower & vegetatively spread underground through rhizomes


​Tall, invasive wetland grass reaching upwards to 18' and aggressively spreading through rhizomes that grow large colonies beneath the surface producing vertical hollow stalks and smooth bladed leaves


A greenish-grey branched algae often confused with submerged plants that omits a foul, musky odor. Chara has no flower and consists of a grany texture can that many times extend above the water's surface

Filamentous Algae

Commonly referred to as 'pond scum',  often forming mats that float of the water's surface. If left untreated, this common Algae can cover the entire surface. 

Emergent Weeds

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A Light-green, very small, free floating plant that grows aggressively in dense colonies in undisturbed water. These plants should be controlled before they cover the entire water surface

Water Shield

Shield or oval shaped leaves with small, dull purple flowers that emerge above the waters surface on a stalk. Submersed parts are covered in a slimy substance easily identifiable by touch

Water Lily

Large showy flowers with up to 10" floating leaves that are split at the center and often purple underneath. Reproduction is achieved by rootstocks and seeds


A Perennial with large heart shaped leaves and yellow flowers that stand above or at the surface of the water

Water Lettuce

Non-native, free floating plant with green leaves ranging in size from 1"-6"


Very small floating plant commonly misidentified as algae. Once established, it can take over the entire surface resembling a golf course green. Consisting of leaves with small hair-like roots hanging below the surface water

Planktonic Algae

Floating microscope plants that are normal and essential inhabitants of sunlit surface waters. Seasonal blooms cause water to turn green and can deplete the ecosystem of oxygen presenting danger to fish


Floating Weeds

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