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Great Lakes Phragmites Control

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Residential Lakefront & Commercial Pond Solutions

  • Algae Blooms
  • Fish Kills
  • Thermocline turnover

Dramatically Reducing: 

  • Heavy shoreline & floating weed growth
  • Muck accumulations
  • Mosquitos
  • Obnoxious odors

Aquatic Restoration

We provide proactive cycle based strategy programs & seasonal aquatic management solutions designed to create a cost effective way to establish working ecosystems and increase recreational access to your Pond or Lakefront propety

Water quality, vegetation, & clarity getting worse on your Pond or Lakefront property?

Are Algae, Weeds, Muck & Sediment, Smells, Fish Kills, or Mosquitos limiting the enjoyment your shoreline?

The Best Option for Control is to have Great Lakes Phragmites Controlthe problem for you!​​

Great Lakes Phragmites Control is a division of Water Landscapes, LLC and specializes in the Management, Control, & Eradication of Phragmites. We work with local municipalities, government organizations, lake & home associations, businesses, & private landowners to provide environmental restoration solutions, and invasive aquatic plant eradication plans.

Phragmites is typically found growing in coastal and interior marshes, bogs, roadside ditches, swamps, lake margins, ponds, & other low wet areas. It continues to to expand within the Great Lakes region, in part because it reproduces through wind dispersal of seeds and rhizomes reproduction. Rapid expansion also occurs with road salt, fire, & wetland drainage. Phragmites chokes out local native plants and disrupts the natural ecology of the surrounding environment; promoting mosquito reproduction and limiting waterfowl and other native species from promoting the natural landscape. 

At Great Lakes Phragmites Control, we implement proven Integrated Pest Management techniques consisting of herbicidal treatment and mechanical removal to eradicate Phragmites and other invasive aquatic plants. We also provide on-site evaluations and mapping of invasive target species as well as promoting native landscapes with unique environmental restoration plans. 

We are committed to the eradication of Phragmites in the Great Lakes region and restoring the natural ecology of our wetlands and coastlines. Please contact us at or (248)379-5351 for more information or to schedule an on-site evaluation

  • Phragmites- Invasive Species Eradication & Management Control Plans
  • Herbicide Treatment & Evaluation Plans
  • Beach/Lakefront Restoration
  • Wetland & Park Restoration
  • Native Landscapes
  • Erosion Control & Bank Shaping
  • Weed & Algae Removal
  • Phragmites & Cattail Removal
  • Mosquito Control
  • Aeration & Decorative Fountains
  • Environmental Assessments & Mapping
  • ​Site Monitoring 
  • Muck & Sediment Removal
  • Pond & Drainage Ditch Dredging
  • ​Stormwater Management and Evaluation Plans
  • Fish Kills & Shoreline Cleaning

Phragmites Australis

An Aggressive, nonnative invasive plant widespread throughout the Great Lakes region that has replaced high-quality, complex communities of native plants over thousands of acres of Michigan wetlands and Great Lakes Coastal regions.

What We Do...

We specialize in the Treatment, Removal, & Management of Phragmites, Cattails, & other Invasive Shoreline Weeds & Algae.

Great Lakes Phragmites Control